Prayer does work.

My old, dying van went away yesterday, but here how my Sunday morning went with its re-placement. This was the email I sent to the dealer Sunday morning.

I purchased a 2010 HHR on Saturday February 4, 2012 at 645 PM. I drove it home and parked it in our driveway. I came out to go to church this morning at 7;30 a.m. I am a Pastor so I needed to be there with out delay. However, My new car wouldn’t start. It seemed as is if was the battery. I called AAA and got a ride from my son to church. I left messages about the battery issues on the phone and by the site email. Asking what would be done about this.

My wife was home when AAA came. They were UNABLE to start the came. They suggested calling YOU to have in towed in to the shop an looked at. To say that I am un-happy at this point is putting it mildly.

BUT….Wait there more…. I asked everybody to pray at church for me and my car situation.

Here’s what I sent to the dealership later in the day:

Thanks be to God and the Internet.
Went online after church to see if I could find anything out about why the Chevy HHR wouldn’t start. Found a site where they were discussing this issue. They said if you have two keys try the other one, sometimes the extra one isn’t programmed. So out I went and tried the other key and varooom! It started, tried the other key a few more times and varoooom! It worked as well!

I’m so happy. Now its time to play “Low Rider” pump up the volume and take a spin

Moral of the story…prayer works!!!!!!

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