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Pastor’s Epistle: May 2017

Mother’s Day a reminder of God’s love

May is right around the corner and that means Mother’s Day is not far behind – it’s May 14 for those who may not have looked on their calendar yet!

Mother’s Day is a day when we celebrate and remember the love that we received from our Moms. While this is a wonderful day for many, it can also be a day of difficulties for others. Sadly, not everyone has been blessed with a good relationship with his or her mother, and therefore celebrating Mother’s Day is difficult.
For those have been blessed with mothers who showered them in love, celebrate that incredible relationship. Do your best to say thank you for all your mother has done. For those who find Mother’s Day difficult, look to the women who God has placed in your life that have had a motherly influence. Maybe it was a neighbor, a teacher, someone at church, or some other female who has cared for you, and loved you, in a way that your mother was unable to.

Mother’s Day celebrates the best expression of motherly love, which is meant to be seen by us as a reflection of God’s love. Whether you have a good or troubled relationship with your mother, Mother’s Day can inspire us to share motherly love with those around us. May we use this reminder of God’s love to love one another as God has loved us.

Pastor Vic


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