Church Committees

Perry Hall United Methodist Church is a very active congregation. As a result, we have several Committees that oversee and help run the business of the Church. Here are some of the Committees that meet regularly ~

Administrative Council ~

The Administrative Council is the governing and policy making committee for the Church. On the Church calendar, it is shown as Ad Council.

The Committee on Lay Leadership ~

This committee is responsible for identifying, developing, deploying, the leadership in the local congregation.

The Board of Trustees ~

The Board of Trustees are responsible for the care, upkeep, and improvement of the church, educational unit, grounds and the parsonage.

Committee on Finance ~

This committee oversees the financial health and stewardship of the church.

Staff Parish Relations Committee ~

This committee serves as the church personal committee as well as assisting in the setting of priorities for the staff and Church.

Committee on Education ~

The committee on Education is responsible for Sunday school classes for all age groups in our congregation.

Annual Conference ~

This is the annual meeting for clergy and lay members of the Baltimore Washington conference.

Charge Conference ~

The local churches annual meeting with their guide/district superintendent.

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