Church Committees

Perry Hall United Methodist Church is a very active congregation. As a result, we have several Committees that oversee and help run the business of the Church. Here are some of the Committees that meet regularly ~

Administrative Council ~

The Administrative Council is the governing and policy making committee for the Church. On the Church calendar, it is shown as Ad Board.

The Committee on Lay Leadership ~

This committee is responsible for identifying, developing, deploying, the leadership in the local congregation.

The Board of Trustees ~

The Board of Trustees are responsible for the care, upkeep, and improvement of the church, educational unit, grounds and the parsonage.

Committee on Finance ~

This committee oversees the financial health and stewardship of the church.

Staff Parish Relations Committee ~

This committee serves as the church personal committee as well as assisting in the setting of priorities for the staff and Church.

Committee on Education ~

The committee on Education is responsible for Sunday school classes for all age groups in our congregation.

Committee on Evangelism ~

This committee encourages the congregation to reach out to those who haven’t embraced the Word, identify and welcome visitors, as well as incorporate new members.

Committee on Worship ~

This committee acts as a liaison between the congregation and the pastor in creating new worship ideas, new worship settings, and work to strengthen the existing worship experience in any way possible.

Annual Conference ~

This is the annual meeting for clergy and lay members of the Baltimore Washington conference.

Charge Conference ~

The local churches annual meeting with their guide/district superintendent.

Small Church Initiative ~

Congregational initiative to discuss the Church’s vision for the coming year.

Council of Ministries ~

The Council of Ministries is the oversight group for the specific ministries in the Church. It is made up of the ministry groups, such as Family ministry, Adult ministries, Childrens ministry, Education, etc . This committee is a vital part of the Church planning, coordination and success.

Staff Meetings ~

The paid Staff of the Church meet to review worship info. and to discuss any concerns they may have. We meet once a month.

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