From Growing a Mid-Size Church Workshop by Bill Easum

Here are some insights for a recent workshop I attended. More will following the coming weeks. The comments after each bullet point are mine.

Pastor Vic

200-500 ( In average worship attendance) Is The Second Hardest Barrier to Break 

• The congregation is the brick ceiling not the pastor

How are we at Perry Hall standing in the way of growth? What changes are we resisting? What do we need to let go of, reform or recreate to address the needs of today? How might we reshape worship, our church structure and our way of “doing business” to address the needs of the future?

• The pastor is too much a chaplain

Studies suggest that as a church grows adequate care of a members becomes an issue. The Pastor needs to be one of the funnels of  members into the congregation, but time spent in the community making new relationships often comes at the cost visitation and pastoral care. How can we effective “staff” those areas with committed trained lay volunteers?

• No one understands the importance of staff

Are we using our staff to the best of their abilities? Do we have the right mix?

• To grow this size church takes a cooperative effort between pastor, staff, and congregation

Are we willing to work together to transition from what we are to what we could be? Will we continue to reach a certain level and then slowly dwindle back? Can we make the changes and decisions needed for sustained growth that will not only “benefit” us in the here and now but will bring honor and glory to God as we take the Good News out into the community?

• In short, the focus must turn outward

A church that wants to grow. A church that wants to continue to exist. A church that wants to change the world for Christ – must turn outward in it mission and message. we can no longer do church as we have always done church. Opening the door and waiting for people to come will not sustain us into the future. We must do as Jesus called us to do: Go forth into all the world…

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